Envelopes Indicator

determine the opportunity , moving average, market fluctuations., adjusted by current, a signal to buy, sign of overbought, – a signal to sell., the lowest value

The Envelope indicator indicates the overbought/oversold situation of the price, allowing to determine the opportunity to open/close a position, the possibility of a trend stop.

Use of Envelope Indicator

This indicator has two average lines under it, forming a channel for price fluctuations. The average is a fixed distance from the moving average, and the average is adjusted by current market fluctuations. Each average line is a limit for price fluctuations.

If there is an upward trend in the market, it is a sign of overbought, and if there is a downward trend, it is a sign of oversold

The price of the market channel reaches the highest value – a signal to buy, the price reaches the lowest value – a signal to sell.

Envelopes Indicator

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